My Creative Story: Is This Real Life?

Do you ever have those moments where you’re looking at your life and you just feel overwhelmed with gratitude for what it has become? That, my friends, is pretty much how I am feeling right now writing out this very first blog post for you. So who knows I might throw up with happiness when people are actually reading it. Who can really be sure. But whatever it is that brought you here, THANK YOU!

Let’s get some background here. Some of you probably know that I have been doing portraits of various kinds for about six+ years now. I’ve had friends and family tell me over the years that I should make a Facebook business page and all that stuff that you’re supposed to do. I was always absolutely flattered by this, but something in me never thought that was the right path. 

Fast forward to February of 2017 when I quit my job waiting tables that I’ve had for almost eight years. I didn’t really have anything else lined up for sure, but something was telling me to just bite the bullet and so I put my two weeks in. I couldn’t believe what this small change did for my headspace even just after a couple days. My mind went back to its old creative ways and I started to think, I should do actually this, now is the time. Before I had time to let this thought out of my head and into the world, I was contacted for a senior portrait session. How perfect! I thought. And then I was contacted for another one, and another one, and another one and then two more family portrait sessions. You can say this girl was SHOOK. Props to the Man Upstairs for showing me that now was the right time to take this thing head on.

After the initial shock, I then reached out to my good friend from college, Hunter Rohwer. Little did I know, Hunter was just getting ready to launch her branding and design business – Hunter Laurel Creative Co. The last three months, Hunter helped me through it all! From logo design, color scheme, branding, website design, logo re-design and business cards, she helped me bring out a business from within me that I am confident in and where my personality and style as a person really shine through.

SO HERE WE ARE! Launch day! Here’s what you can expect to find in the blog from here on out. My current goal with this blog is to update it about once a week. Some weeks I might have more to share and some weeks you probably don’t need to read about me binge watching Grey’s and Scandal. So we will just see how it goes together! I plan to post about each photo session, news in my personal life, and some tips and tricks for both of those in front or behind the camera.

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Thank you for stopping by!

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