5 Ways To Have A Stress-Free Wedding

The hardest part about a wedding is actually the months leading up to the wedding! It can be stressful with (sometimes unwanted or unsolicited) opinions of so many friends and family, dealing with the financial stress of paying for the big day, and just getting all the details together. BUT, this should be the happiest day of your life! The planning leading up to it can bring you just as much joy if you do a little work.

Here are my 5 ways to have a stress-free wedding!

1 – Plan With A Little Help From The Internet

There are guides, checklists, forms, PDFs and more resources than you can ever imagine online to help you plan your wedding. A quick Pinterest search of “Printable Wedding Planner” can give you a ton of help in getting organized and giving you ideas for your wedding.

2 – Hire A Wedding Coordinator or Employ A Family Friend For The Big Day

Many brides use wedding planners or coordinators to help make sure their wedding day goes exactly according to plan, which can be a huge help. However, if you’re a bride on a budget, asking a well-organized aunt or friend of your mom’s to help execute the big day can be even more helpful. They’ll know what you want and will consider it an honor to be able to lend a hand.

3 – Set A Budget At The Beginning

Knowing your limitations upfront will help keep the stress of paying the final bills for everything at the end of the line way less stressful. The last thing you want is to be financially stressed the weeks leading up to the wedding, so setting yourself up for success by setting your budget is key. 

4 – Divvy Out Tasks To Your Future Husband

Y’all are about to do life together! He certainly can help you plan this wedding! Have him set the playlist with DJ, get the groomsmen suits together, help you choose the food at your tasting, whatever you can hand off that you feel comfortable letting go of full control. Put that man to work.

5 – Know + Accept That At Least One Thing Will Go Wrong

If you take a deep breath right now in the midst of planning and accept that it’s nearly impossible for 100% of your plans to go off without a hitch, then it will be easier once the big day comes and something does go wrong. Make your list of non-negotiables that you want to prioritize on your wedding day and assign someone to make sure those things happen, whether it be your parents or a member of your bridal party.


With these tips, you’ll kill the wedding planning day and be cool as a cucumber on the big day. Any other tips from past brides? Comment below!

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