How to enjoy Halloween when you really don’t

When October rolls around for some people, they CANNOT wait to get their costumes ready, they’ve known what they are going to be for a month, and they can’t wait to hit all those terrifying mazes where people jump out and scream at you.

Let’s be real. That’s NOT me.


Halloween season comes around and I avoid stores like Target (honestly, I know, who knew that I would ever avoid this store) so that I can avoid the Halloween crazy. Nothing seems more like hell on Earth to me than willingly choosing to go to a fright night or an amusement park to have people dressed in costumes jump out and torment me. But, for a month, we all have to deal with it. Here’s a couple of ways that I have learned how to enjoy Halloween when I really don’t.

1. Embrace the candy.

I buy candy early for myself to enjoy and I put it in the cutest little pumpkin bowl that I keep in our house. It’s hard to hate a holiday that lets you unashamedly eat your favorite candy for a month.

2. Skip the scary parks. Stick with pumpkin patches & apple orchards.

When your friends decide to go to Knott’s Scary Farm, offer up an alternative to head over to your local pumpkin patch for a fund day of pumpkin picking and carving. Or, find an apple orchard close by and go pick your own seasonal apples and make it a big a baking day.

3. Find your childhood joy.

Go to your parents’ neighborhood or find a family friend who will let you dish out their candy the night that the trick or treaters come to their house. There’s nothing cuter than a five-year-old princess saying “Trick or Treat!” and curtseying before she scurries off for more candy. It takes the gore and nasty from Halloween and makes is so sweet.


Have anymore tips for how to enjoy Halloween if you’re among the Halloween haters with me?? Comment below!

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