Chris & Chrissy

Weddings like these remind me why I love what I do.

There is something so sweet and special about an intimate, backyard wedding. (Especially with Chrissy’s dad’s backyard!) – From the hilltop ceremony with 40-50 of their closest family and friends, to Chrissy’s dad cooking all the food, to the custom seasoning mix Chris and Chrissy made for all their guests to take as favors, their day was one of a kind, just like the couple they are.

When I arrived at the house, I found Chrissy with a big smile on her face as she got her hair and makeup done. Tucked away in a room on the other end of the house was Chris. I could tell he was a bit anxious and excited, but overall wasn’t concerned with anything else except making sure that Chrissy was having a perfect day. Talk about sweet!

A few hours later, I brought them out to the front lawn for their first look. The emotions that came from them both when they saw each other for the first time were priceless.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests came together inside the large reception tent to get the party going. The father-daughter dance was the highlight of the night, as Chrissy and her dad laughed and smiled from ear to ear while they danced up a storm. Once everyone feasted on the DELICIOUS meal her dad prepared for everyone, the dance floor lit up with energy. My favorite part? That the majority of their dancing songs were by Talking Heads. (10 points if you’re a millennial and actually know who these guys are!)

I know this is a day that will remain special to not only Chris and Chrissy, but all of their friends and family who were in attendance.

Thank you so much for including me in a day I will remember forever!

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